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Legio IV Flavia Felix

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Legio IV Flavia Felix Empty Legio IV Flavia Felix

Mensaje por Ilimeo el Dom Jul 25, 2010 10:07 am


I'm Ilimeo, Console of the Legio IV Flavia Felix.
We have recently entered into a NAP with The Untouchable Knights and we started a good cooperation with them. We know that they're your good friends and, as sign of friendship, we decided to introduce ourselves to you and invite you, if you like, in our forum

We are a small alliance, which has recently entered the top 20 of the league. Our primary goal is to have fun together and meet new friends!
We know that you have closed negotiations for new NAP but we aren't here for that reason. We are here to let us know and bring to you our most sincere greetings.
I hope that in future we could improve our knowledge and perhaps collaborate in the game.

Kind Regards
Ilimeo, Console Legio IV Flavia Felix
"Dextra gladius, laeva scutum, corpore honor"

Our forum

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Legio IV Flavia Felix Empty Re: Legio IV Flavia Felix

Mensaje por Sauron38 el Lun Jul 26, 2010 11:37 pm

We appreciate the information.
When we expand new covenants for the various partnerships, we will consider that you are a partnership that meets the requirements and hope to have good relations with the Italians.
Although we do not have PNA, for the moment, we are at peace with the Italians, ok.
Greetings to Italy.

Legio IV Flavia Felix Orcos_13

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